Thursday, December 27, 2012

Thanksgiving 2012

This Thanksgiving we had just arrived home from Orlando a few days beforehand.  Since we were lucky enough to have Nana with us then she and G-Daddy did not get to make their annual pilgrimage to join us for Thanksgiving.  We has a number of lovely friends come by, though, and it was a low-key and thankful day.  We had a fire pit outside with antipasti and drinks, and our friends began to gather:

Inside we kept a steady stream of cooking, heating up foods brought by friends, and arranging countertops to make more space!
We had our kids table, but it is amazing how big the kids are getting!
Charlie, claiming his drumstick.
Clara, taking after her mom in her love of rolls.
Elena, just happy to be by her Uncle Steve.
Annie, with her always sunny smile and great attitude.
And Sylvie Rose, the sweetest friend you could ask for.
Not all the kids are big, though - for the first time on our blog we introduce Margaret Louise (Molly), Charlie's younger sister!  (You may have spotted from the first picture on our blog that another dear friend, Kate, was pregnant - she has since had her baby, too, and he'll appear shortly in a baby blog posting!).
After a great celebration we settled quietly into our gingerbread house making.  No fights, no tears, and no assembly - awesome combination!

Our two little crazy cakes, with the sweets they adore.

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