Thursday, December 27, 2012

Just before we leave

It's no surprise to us by now that the weekend before we go out of town for the holidays gets packed with fun things to do. School is out, people are getting ready to celebrate, and lots of traditions come into play. Expecting that this is how it will go helps us really enjoy this time more- this year we had a great last weekend with friends before holiday travel. Though we didn't take pictures of everything, here are a few fun things we got to do.

1.  Annual cookie-decorating party with neighbors.  This year it included our temporary across the street neighbors Janie and Annie, who we adore.  They are living across the street while their house is getting renovated, and they are an excellent match for our girls.
Clara and Annie.
Elena and Janie.

2.  The Nutcracker Ballet.  We have gotten to go to this off and on since the girls were born, but this was the first year that we've stayed the entire time with the girls, and they had a fantastic time.  We had two friends in the ballet (Annie from up above and our friend Maeve) and Elena is hoping to be in it herself next year.
Pictures with Maeve (who was both an icicle and a flower at different times in the production).
3.  Visiting the Mo twins.  These twins (their last name starts with Mo) are four years younger than our twins, and Elena and Clara have each taken one under their wing since the day they were born.  This year Clara and Elena both got Barbie laptop computers for Christmas, and they decided they wanted to give the Mo twins their beloved "baby" computers.
Elena and Clara were all ready to teach the girls how to use them, but it turns out they were very able to figure it out on their own!

Here come the reindeer!

Between these and all the other fun engagements of the weekend we felt blessed and celebratory - we hope you felt the same!

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