Sunday, April 8, 2012

Easter 2012

Another Easter, another round of us battling the effects of sugar, of managing our expectations and (truly, very often) enjoying one another's company.  It started out at 6am when we woke the girls to see if the Easter Bunny had come.  He had, and this year he left quite a mess!
Elena was repeatedly surprised at what had been left for her, and made this hysterical face over and over.
It was like, "Chocolate peep?  What on earth?"
One of the favorite things the Easter Bunny left was superhero costumes.  These are terrible morning shots with flash and shadows, but they loved these so much and put them on right away.  Clara has long been Spiderman:
And Elena has steadfastly been Firestar.  Sadly there are no costumes marketed for Firestar (apparently she fizzled out in the 70's) but lucky for the Easter Bunny she has a pretty simple costume.
An hour, some bagels and bacon, and some primping later we were ready to head out to 8am mass.
Look at these little sweethearts!
(This is going to happen throughout this post - multiple pictures of pretty much the same pose because Clara and Elena looked SO. DARN. CUTE!
At church we were happy to get to see Clara and Elena's little charges (when we are together ours are the Yo twins and theirs are the Mo twins, as these are the first two letters of our last names).
After we got home it was time for the egg hunt!

Elena's funny face continues - this appears to be a new expression of surprise that is sticking with her.
Cracking the eggs was an especially fun part - confetti, little surprises, and jellybeans came out.  And then the girls took turns stomping on the eggshells for some extra emphasis.

We had a lovely Easter lunch with Grammie Ellen, then headed out to take our Easter family photo.

We sort of, a little bit bribed the girls that if they took some nice pictures with us we would let them use the auto timer to take pictures of whatever they wanted.  We ended up getting really funny pictures of them in the course of this.

We'll leave you with a collage of our family on Easter over the years, because it just feels fun to look back and see the changes.  The first two years we didn't all get in on the picture, but we're going to try to every year from here on out.  Happy Easter - we hope yours was just as lovely.

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Laura said...

Oh my glory -that- was the superhero she was going on and on about! She was astonished I didn't know who that one was, I asked her to come teach her cousins and aunt all about it this summer.