Thursday, April 26, 2012

April, lovely April

Spring has been flying right by, and we find ourselves at the end of April only having posted once!  We have odds and ends to post, starting with the girls hamming it up in front of some of our emerging Montana greenery.  They are posed up on top of the Honda to show off the Vans shoes that our friends brought them from California.

 Clara was trying to entertain us with a funny face, and Elena was pointing out "one of Clara's crow friends" behind us.  Both girls are convinced that Clara is friends with every crow we see - Clara believes she talks to them.
 Just this week we got the final word that Christina has been awarded tenure.  Putting that together with her promotion to Associate Professor that started taking effect April 1st made us pretty darn happy, and we went out to dinner to celebrate.
 Not that the news was that exciting to Clara and Elena - but the free dough to play with certainly was!

Clara called this her "gentle puncher."  We politely declined getting gently punched.
Clara, hard at work making Mom a celebratory rainbow and note.

Such sweet faces. 
 These last few pictures are of the face painting the girls had done last week at a gymnastics celebration.  Clara asked for Ariel (we're going to have to let her watch that movie soon so she knows who she is talking about!). 
Elena, as a departure from her usual preferences, chose a black and blue cat.

We can't wait to see what May brings us!

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