Saturday, March 31, 2012

Messy Business

Forget the mud and rain we've been having in profusion around here - even inside the house things are messy lately!  This week we baked a cake for our new neighbors (a zebra cake, black and white striped, which you can find here) and when the girls got to the batter bowl after the cake went in the oven it ended up something like this:
Why do we always need baths after we bake in this house?

Then, today we decided to dye Easter eggs.  How big do these girls look?  I can't believe it is their third year dying their own eggs!
We went with dyes we made this year, out of blueberries (for blue), tumeric (for yellow) beet juice (for pink) and mixes of these for green, purple, and orange.
It takes quite a bit longer to get color with these dyes, but the girls really had a fun time (especially squishing the blueberries in our blue dye!).
While we were soaking the eggs in their dye we attended to the greens we've planted to go on sandwiches.  We planted mesculen greens, and it has been so fun having them come up nice and green while it's looked so yucky outside.
We water them with a little medicine dropper - Clara and Elena think this is hysterical and entertaining for a good 30 minutes.
When we got the greens watered we took the eggs out of the dye, and ended up with this:
We think they are pretty, if a bit, um, interesting.  We now have the eggs all ready in their baskets for the Easter bunny. We did the same thing we did last year - we saved up our eggs for the last week or so, blowing them out instead of cracking them so that we could cook with them.  Now the Easter bunny can fill them with tiny things, glue tissue paper over the hole in the bottom, and hide them outside.
Only a week until the big day!

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