Sunday, March 11, 2012


We have been hugely busy lately in this household - grown-ups and kids alike.  Last weekend Christina and Steve tore out all of the carpeting in the house, and this week the girls helped us sort through and move everything back into the house once the carpet was replaced.  They generously parted with some of their toys, and we all tried to pare down what we have in our bedrooms.  Boy, that takes a lot of work!

It seems like there were errands too numerous to list going on this week.  One that we took pictures during was Steve changing the oil in the truck.  Here are two girls patiently waiting to the side for their turn to "help."
You'll notice no pictures of Steve in this oil-changing set of pictures - whenever Christina tried to take one of him Clara would jump out in front like this and say "No, take a picture of me, not him!"

So we did - quite the get-up, huh?  Gardening gloves, baseball hat, frilly vest, pajamas, and rainboots.  Doesn't everyone change the oil in that?

Another thing the girls have been busy with lately is spelling.  They want to spell and read everything - which is hugely fun for all of us.  We were having stir fry for dinner the other night (turns out Elena loves tofu, water chestnuts, baby corn, and zucchini now!) and Christina brought out some lo mein crunchy topping.  The girls had never had them before, and quickly found that eating them was nearly as much fun as spelling with them:

Today was a rainy day at the end of a weekend full of errands, so Christina set up in the kitchen to make the girls some new playdoh.  We love this recipe that uses crayons (here), and this time we scented them all.  After ransacking the extracts (purple was vanilla, green was mint, red was almond, and yellow was coconut) we ended up trying lemon olive oil in the orange (not very citrusy) and chocolate powder in the blue (very chocolatey smelling, but not too blue!).
New playdoh just begs to be played with - the girls got all their play plates and bowls downstairs and played "chef" to make up sushi, ice cream sundaes, and assorted other (unidentifiable) meals.

Sushi roll:

Hope you had a good weekend, too!

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