Sunday, April 17, 2011

Dyeing Easter Eggs

This was the first year the girls could dye Easter eggs pretty much by themselves.  They stirred up their colors, laid out their eggs, and dropped one into each color all on their own.
Check out the concentration and trepidation!
Oh- and the pride!
We were trying for pastel colored eggs, and we got a little brighter than we had intended.

Unloading them into the egg carton was their favorite job.
Happy girls with their eggs and their baskets (which, we learned from seeing him at the mall the other day, is the same basket that the REAL EASTER BUNNY uses!).

We blew the insides out of each egg (so we could cook with them later) and then rinsed them under hot water so no egg stayed inside.  THAT turned them pretty pastel!  We took the girls out to the only flowers we have (isn't that pitiful?) to get a picture of their finished project.

And, here's some randomness.  First, a random shot of Elena, who was in her third day straight of wearing the tutu dress her Nana Rose and G-Daddy sent.

We also have some random, funny things the girls have said lately.  Today, in the car, Elena was saying that she was thirsty, so thirsty!  We told her she'd be home soon to get a drink, and she said:

"But I can’t hold my thirsty in!"
Christina replied: "What happens if you don’t?"
And, deadpan as anything, Clara answered: "You die."  
(Context for this story is that their fish at school died - all three of them!  So we have had some talk about death, but in a very matter-of-fact way, and so when Clara said this I think she was talking more about what would ultimately happen if you DIDN'T get any water - and she said it so matter-of-factly!).

Another Clara story - last week she started calling Elena "Sissy" - a term we have never, ever used.  When Christina said: "What did you say?" 
Clara said: "I call her Sissy.  My sissy."  
Christina asked: "Where did that come from?"
And Clara replied: "From my heart!"

Finally, you can tell they come from a very baking-focused household.  The girls were dyeing easter eggs – and they were letting the eggs soak.  Christina asked Clara: "Is the egg all done?"
Clara replied: "It just needs to rise for another minute."

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