Friday, April 1, 2011

April Fools

April Fools Day isn't a holiday we've ever really embraced - between Steve and Christina they've played only a handful of pranks over the years.  Still, something about parenting children makes every holiday (fake or not) seem more enjoyable, and Christina was compelled to make some kind of surprise/prank for the girls today after she explained what April Fools Day was.

So she took oranges, scooped out all the fruit, and replaced it with orange jello.  When the jello set, she brought it out for dinner and offered the girls (and their friend Sylvie) some oranges to eat.

Elena especially found it funny, and was telling our friends: "It's an orange, but it's not an orange - you know what it is?  It's JELLO!"  Clara mainly focused on EATING the oranges - she has only had Jello once or twice, and it seems like she likes it! 

Elena played an early prank on us this Monday.  While a teacher at school had her back turned, she took a blue marker and colored all around here eyes.  It took awhile to get off, and when we picked her up at school, she looked distinctly like a girl from the 80's, ready to go out and party.  You don't really get the effect in this picture, but her eyelids were pretty darn blue!

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