Saturday, March 13, 2010

Pretending it's springtime

We are stir-crazy over here, and have convinced ourselves it is springtime, temperatures (and a touch of snow today) occasionally to the contrary. Today we rented a tiller, bought compost, seeds, and onion starts, and got to work.
Steve taught Elena how to put her foot on the shovel to gain leverage:

Clara stomped through the earth we had already tilled:
And then she checked out the tiller, to be sure everything was in order.

When Steve started tilling, the girls kept their distance. I know this is three pictures of the same scene, but I just can't get over their faces here!

After the tilling was done, the girls started running around together. They were really chummy today. You can see here why people have started asking us how far apart in age the two are - there is quite a height difference!

We bought these daffodils at the store - it will be ages until we have our own, but we just had to see this vibrant harbinger of spring!

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