Wednesday, March 10, 2010

On the homefront

While Christina and Steve were away, Nana Rose and Grammie Ellen stayed with the girls. We have no pictures of the time they were home alone together (what happens with your grandmas stays with your grandmas - code of silence!) but here are a few we managed to snap right before we left and right after we came back.

Here, Nana teaches the girls to play a card game she brought for them:

Elena branches off to show Grammie Ellen how she plays store:
Look at the face of that girl with that credit card - we are headed for trouble in another few years!!

Grammie and Nana came with Christina and the girls to the very first gymnastics class this year. Elena plays it up for the camera while we waited to get in:
Clara exhibits her utter lack of patience with waiting - she wanted to go IN:
Both girls, trying to make a break for the gym materials. We didn't get any shots of them in action, but they were PHENOMENAL at their class. They followed eight-part instructions, walked balance beams on their own, climbed up ladders, did somersaults, hung in the air on beams - it was incredible. We'll try to get video next time.
Elena tries to show Nana how to get Caillou to show up on the computer.

Grammie Ellen holds cooking class - she teaches the girls how to make Bavarian Jello, a specialty of her own mother (Grandma Clara, who Clara was named for).
First you get your crushed pineapple, and push all the juice out of that through a strainer.
Then you take out a bowl of strawberry jello, pre-made and chilled, and squirt in one whole can of whipped cream.
Okay, MOSTLY a whole can. You have to save some for this:

And this:
Then you add your crushed pineapple, and stir, stir, stir!

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