Monday, August 19, 2013

Oceanside 2013

Our yearly trip to the Oregon coast was once again a joint trip with Steve's family - we had Grammie Ellen with us the whole time, got to visit for a night with Uncle Scott, and spent the rest of the week with G-Daddy and Nana Rose.

 We started the week out with an early birthday party - that Clara and Elena are turning 6 within a month of G-Daddy turning 60 was very worthy of celebration!
 The rest of the week was largely spent on the beach, at least part of every day.

 One night on the beach we had a campfire.  Steve and G-Daddy went out fishing in the ocean that morning and got us black cod (rockfish) and crabs.
 Steve boiled them all up for us over the campfire.

 There was a trip to the Newport Aquarium:

And then lots more time on the beach, of course.

Flying kites with G-Daddy - nearly strong enough to pull Clara and Elena straight into the air!

 Goodbye, Oceanside - until we meet again!

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