Monday, October 29, 2012

Weekend Away

We have something of a tradition in our group of friends of going somewhere together to celebrate 40th birthdays.  This fall it was our friend Eamon's 40th and we drove just a bit out of town to spend the weekend celebrating him.  It was a gorgeous location, but it was also during the worst wildfire season we've ever experienced out here, and it was very, very smokey!!
Far-away shot of Steve and the girls with some of our friends, exploring the river in this shallow part.
Trying to traverse the river bed.

Family in the waving wheat!
Steve showed the girls some strategies for getting across.

Clara, choosing Swedish Fish for her fishing experience of the weekend.
Elena helped Steve et ready for his choice of fishing experience - fly fishing with the other guys.
She will be so excited when she is old enough to go too!
We stayed behind this time and had a nail polish party with all of the kids.  We also occupied ourselves with beading, Shrinky Dinks, and the Air Bud movie line!
Eamon is kind of particular about food - he may not be big on cake, but he loves chocolate chip cookies!  Every family made a batch of their own kind of chocolate chip cookie, then we had a cookie buffet for him on this birthday night.  It was a fun, communal, relaxing weekend away!

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