Friday, September 7, 2012

Oregon Vacation Part 4

This last set of pictures is about the very end of the vaction - so they are so bittersweet to share.  By the last morning it was just the four of us left in the beach house, and we took one last early-morning walk down to the beach.  The girls were hysterical - they were enjoying every second, and making these flowers on our walk down into microphones!

As we were walking down we looked up fondly at the house we stayed at - even looking at it now, weeks after we've stayed there, we still feel homesick.
Beach Steve - all versions of our Steve are appealing, but Beach Steve?  Ah....
This is the little post office in Oceanside, where we stayed - it's right on the beach (that is the ocean you can see up behind the roof!) and we mailed the girls' fifth birthday party invitations from here.  We passed it every single day.
These pictures just speak for themselves - we loved, loved, loved the beach.

Midday we left the beach and headed back into Portland.  Friends of ours from graduate school live there, and they took us around their part of town, which just so happens to be the spot where Beverly Cleary grew up and centered her Ramona books.  We visited a park devoted to her (this is a sculpture of Ramona's dog in a fountain).
And this is the street of Ramona Quimby fame (and our grad school friend, his wife, and son)! 
We drove home after this stop, and although it was a long, long, long drive home we finally arrived and sank into our own beds.  Even though we loved this vacation (and all of our vacations this summer) there is no place like home.

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