Sunday, August 26, 2012

The fair

Fair week is upon us! (Okay, it was a few weeks ago when we took the pictures, perhaps not now that I am posting). As always, one of our favorite parts of the fair is the rodeo.
Rodeo aficionado #1
Rodeo aficionado #2
And our trusty treat-bearer!  Fry bread, fried cheese curds, and lemonade!
We were in time to see the steer roping this time - the girls have taken to practicing this and re-enacting with their horses at home.  We prefer this quite a bit to the time we saw bull-riding and they re-enacted with us!

For the first time ever the girls tried out the carnival games.  This carnival-worker has twin girls himself, and there may have been a bit of that behind the fact that both girls were able to win prizes at this game. :)

When we were in the agriculture tent we ran into Emily, a cheerleader at a local high school that we had made friends with at a baseball game earlier in the summer. She recognized us and volunteered to take us on a tour of all her friend's animals, and so we saw many a goat, sheep, pig, and cow.
Emily's pig, Ari, won a purple ribbon!
We couldn't resist a picture of this poorly-sheared alpaca.  Enbiggen the picture to get the full effect of the sign!
The petting area was a hit again this year, with time to brush the pony and chase around wary turkeys and bunnies.

Feeding this sweet little lamb was certainly a highlight.
Finally, there were the rides, which in the kiddie-area all look amazingly similar to one another.  Yet, Elena and Clara approached each as if it were a new adventure - a great gift of their youth!

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