Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Love, love, love - love is all you need (well, that and ice cream)

 Happy Valentine's Day!  Although we've never been gung ho for couple-type valentines things we are all about family valentine's things!  The girls must have wished us Happy Valentine's Day over a dozen times today, and everything they ate was heart-shaped (including their pizzas and cucumbers below).

We carried on a proud Granato tradition of banana split sundaes for a Valentine's day treat.  Oh, how they loved these.

 Elena seems sort of astounded that she finished!  Clara finished hers, too - it was the first year for both of them that they finished, out of the three years we've been doing this.

We ate dinner by candlelight, which would seem sweet and Valentine's Day-ish except that every single meal (breakfast through dinner) has been eaten by candlelight for the last few weeks in our house.  We found a wine bottle last summer that had Elena's name on it (and really yummy wine in it!) and Melissa and her family secured the Clara wine bottle for us (though when it arrived it was mysteriously absent of wine...) and sent it to us a few weeks ago.  Since then we've used them as candleholders and the high point of both girls' day is when they get to blow these out at the end of a meal!

Here's a little "then and now" comparison of Clara and Elena's writing skills.  Last year we had them write their names on the back of all of their valentines, and although they made very deliberate and consistent marks no one would have known what their names were. This year there is a huge difference.  Here's Clara's comparison:
 And here's Elena's (although she's still go the reversal thing going on she has moved beyond hieroglyphs!)

Finally, we couldn't resist including this picture we took last week of our girls with our friends' twin daughters.  These are the girls our girls have been wild about ever since our friend Meg was pregnant with them, and they consistently take care of "their own" girl.  So here's Elena with Amelia and Clara with Lucy - they were so, so proud to be on their first babysitting gig!

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