Friday, January 20, 2012

Snow Day!

We awoke to mountains of snow on Thursday, and to cancelled school.  So after a good interval of pancake-eating and Madeline-watching we headed outside to start the shoveling (and playing!).  Clara tries to tackle a mound to the side of the driveway:
While Elena is stellar at helping to clean off the car:

Steve played a fun game called: "Cover the Clara!"

When the driveway was finally clear the girls had a little sledding hill to play on.
It's the first time they've ever been able to sled at home, on their flat yard.  It's also the first time they've ever seen snow like this - we were wishing for them to have a day where the snow seemed as tall as they were so they'd have this in their memory banks, and we're glad it happened!

Although the girls seemed content eating snow...

...the rest of us outside wanted something more substantial.  We had been visiting and helping neighbors as we all shoveled together, and decided to have a snowed-in potluck lunch at our house.  It was so much fun!  We don't see a lot of one another in these cold months, and even though cleaning up snow has its downsides socializing is a nice upside.

This last picture is from the day before (Wednesday) when it was snowing so heavily by mid-morning that we already all knew it would probably be a snow day the next day.  Partly to ward of saddness at not seeing each other the next day, we hosted a playdate at our house for the girls' favorite friend, Talan, and his sister, Griffin.  The kids has a blast, and that fun will have to hold them through.  School got cancelled for Friday, too, so no one will get together again until at least Monday!

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