Tuesday, February 8, 2011


We went bowling this weekend for our friend Charlie's fifth birthday!  It was so fun, although the lighting makes photography a challenge!  This is about the third or fourth time the girls have gone bowling, and they really have the process down!
They don't mind getting some pointers from their Dad...
...and some cheering from their Mom (this is after Clara bowled a strike!)
But they still prefer their own bowling method - getting low and just rolling the ball right down the alley.
Of course, this was the first bowling experience that involved cake, so that made this an extra special bowling day!  (Elena here is not sure about the candles on the cake, which Charlie had crafted out of some clay).
Sharing some secrets with Dad in between bowling and cake-eating.
Happy Fifth Birthday, Charlie!  Thanks for the fun bowling day!

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Krissy said...

Bowling looks like so much fun! I will have to try that sometime with my duo. Thanks for giving me a new activity idea. :)

PS I was hoping I could ask you a few adoption related questions via email. Mine is: krissyevanswork@yahoo.com

I am sure you are super busy, Christina, but if you get a chance I would love to get some advice from you! Thanks!