Sunday, August 16, 2009

Making Gnocchi

Tonight, Steve was making gnocchi and meat sauce for dinner, and he thought it would be the kind of thing the girls might like.

He was right!
Elena and Clara first watched while Steve rolled the dough, cut it into pieces, and showed them how to shape it with a fork.
Then, the girls got their hot little hands on some forks and went wild:

They were actually pretty good at it!

Although, there were the occasional episodes of mashing with a fork (and, although not pictured, also poking of the fork into the butcher block, smooshing of the dough in their hands, and a little bit of eating):
Well, there's a little bit of the smooshing that got on film, after all:
And some cute showing-off of the "real fork" (they don't use these yet for eating, so they are pretty exiting):

The girls were so proud of themselves - just delighted that they were helping Daddy and really making the pasta "pa-pa" that they love:
The girls weren't quite as skilled at the rolling of the dough, but they did give it a good try:
It was the perfect dinner for a cold, rainy day - and a perfectly fun time for Daddy and daughters:

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Just Another Day In Paradise said...

Im so impressed! Way to go, girls!