Monday, January 21, 2008

Elena's post

We try to get roughly an even number of pictures of each girl up on the website for you all, but we've noticed we had a few less of Elena lately, so we're doing an Elena-only (mostly picture) post.

Here's our sweetie sitting up like a big girl, playing with her frog:

A close-up of the hand-eating that goes on all the time around here. Doesn't she have a lovely 3/4 profile?
Since her earliest days, Elena has perfected this sort of sideways coy look. Here she shows it off again, while playing with her raspberry teether.

Blue eyed girl - such a joy.

And finally, two more where Elena was playing with the blocks Christina made for Christmas. She and Clara each got a set (slightly different from each other) and they were so fun to make for them. So far, there is a lot of eating and squeezing and throwing them, but no stacking or building. Guess we'll let her dexterity catch up with her.

That's our little Lainey!

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