Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Little Elves

Don't these two look just like little elves? These are outfits Christina bought back in September at a mothers of multiples garage sale (we don't usually have them matchy-matchy, but these little candy-cane looking numbers were so cute!). We thought they'd never really fit into them, but at a few dollars each we couldn't pass them up. It's funny how we couldn't conceive of them ever getting any bigger than they were - they are so big now in our eyes! Elena is 12 pounds and Clara is 11 - quite a difference from the 4 lb-ish low they both had for weight in that first week.

And, as requested by Aunt Melissa, here is a picture of the girls' first Christmas tree, up and decorated:

Finally, it turns out that Elena really doesn't want to be photographed in a box, but this is the best shot we could get of her, and I post it here so in later years she doesn't feel left out that we embarrassed Clara on the Internet but not her:

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